Alternative Hedging Solution for SMEs


FXWELLS help businesses save money with transparent fee and no registring fee

FXWells can help you hedge your FX risk from 1 week up to 1 year. We offer most currency pairs. Contact us for full list.

1 Month 1.50% of the amount hedged
2 Months 2.20% of the amount hedged
3 Months 2.50% of the amount hedged
4 Months 2.90% of the amount hedged
5 Months 3.20% of the amount hedged
6 Months 3.40% of the amount hedged
9 Months 4.00% of the amount hedged
12 Months 4.40% of the amount hedged
This are estimated prices and should be used as an indication only. It is advised that you consult one of our advisor for real-time costs.

Tools for Managing FX Risk: A Comparison

  Forwards Futures FXWells
Initial Margin/Deposit No.
- Need credit line or margin deposit
- Minimum amount of 125,000
Variation of Margin No. Yes. No.
Forego favorable rate movements Yes. Yes. No.
Speculation Yes. Yes. No.
Arbitrage Yes. Yes. No.
Transaction Cost Yes. Yes. Yes.
Maturity Date Fixed. 4 days per year. Choose own date.