Alternative Hedging Solution for SMEs

About Us

FXWELLS help maximize your profit by managing your currency risk

FXWells is an international trading company based in the heart of NY and our experts have over 50 years of experience in trading with Spot Forex, Futures, Options on Futures and Stock Options.

Our team searches the world to find what we believe are the best deals in the markets for large number of clients. Our access to inter-bank pricing of all spot rates and derivatives frees our clients of excess fees and cost.

Our site of alternative hedging solutions are designed for small and medium-sized businesses without dedicated Treasury departments, seeking to manage the currency risk or increase profit.

We will follow these steps to get started with you on your first risk-protected transaction:

1. We start with a consulting contract that defines how FXWELLS works with your company. The contract does not obligate you to proceed with hedging.

2. We will interview you to quantify your currency risk and to seek opportunities for natural hedges in order to minimize the hedges needed.

3. We will use the analysis of your exposure to design a custom hedging structure that removes the risk from your international transaction.

4. We then communicate the cost to you. Only then will FXWELLS bill for its services.