Alternative Hedging Solution for SMEs

When it comes to
FX hedging, FXWELLS is your partner of choice.

Focus on what you do best.

Is the currency risk preventing you from reaching your maximum profit?

can help take the full exchange risk away from you. We offer consulting to the corporate market and provide flexible hedging strategies for our clients to help them make the most of their currency transactions.

How does work?

US company imports materials from Europe and expects payable Cash-Flows in Euros (€100,000) due in 6 months (sell US Dollars and buy Euros).

US Company wants to ensure a minimum currency exchange rate of €0.78 per US Dollar for the 6 months but would like to benefit if the market moves higher. FXWELLS offers you a low-fees and secure FX hedging solution to remove the currency risk.

10 Facts

  • 1. 100% protection on the currency exposure
  • 2. Allows you to benefit 100% from a favourable currency move
  • 3. Allows you to hedge uncertain cash flows without obligation
  • 4. No deposit or collateral required
  • 5. More than 18 currencies traded
  • 6. Excellent for hedging forward cash flows
  • 7. Flexible maturity dates
  • 8. Dedicated personal advisor
  • 9. Low and transparent fees
  • 10. Over 500 news items per day